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Radio Station PC For Sale

We Believe Every Voice Has A Right To Be HEARD!

Start your own Online Radio Station, LIVE online and on mobile devices worldwide with a Radio Broadcasting PC!

This service includes a radio station server and programming software for a complete mainstream radio functionality and appeal.
Radio Broadcast PC Features include:
  •  Professional Off Lease Radio Server (No Credit Check!) – ($1799 Value)
  • Broadcasting  Software Package (Industry Standard) – ($1299 Value)
  • The ability to have weighted rotation and a live station functionality. (Like a Pro!)
  • Radio Station Mobile App (Android & IPhone Compatible) – ($799 Value)
  • Instant Syndication & Worldwide Distribution (Bonus Feature!) ($499 Value)
  • Reach over 16 million users in the Google PLAY online store. (FREE Bonus Feature!)

JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING you need to launch and maintain a successful mainstream radio station that will appeal to both sponsors and listeners is now an account setup payment of only $699 away! 

Server Cost
One Time Account Setup Fee:
Option 1. $699 (Server Only)
Option 2. $999 (Server, Mixer, Condenser Microphone)
Option 3. $1399 (Mobile Server, Mixer, Condenser Microphone)
Radio  Server Monthly Service Plan:
$99 Per Month – Basic Radio Server w/ Major Market Distribution Package
*( Additional setup fee of $99 for Google Mobile App , $499 Google PLAY, Apple & Amazon Mobile App applies)
Radio Station Example:
Radio Station Example:
If you are looking to start a Online Radio Station with out the need for equipment CLICK HERE.

Order Below

First, Select And Pay For An Option Below To Order Server:


Second, Select A Monthly Plan* Below: *Any plan with an mobile app will be billed a separate one time fee of $99 for the mobile app(s)development and launch.

Monthly Plan Option

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